Seasonal & Natural Living

Innate Paganism

Photos by Wilderness Vagabonds I’ve long believed in the idea of innate Paganism. It goes like this. The realities of life – the weather, seasons, agricultural cycle, and landscape – they all impact us, if we’re paying any kind of attention. When we respond to those things, we often end up doing the same things that… Continue reading Innate Paganism

Spirituality & Animism

Insanity and Spirituality

Wales, All images are public domain. Look back at figures such as Joan of Arc, getting directions from God, or pretty much any of the other Christian saints and you’ll notice they experience things these days we’d define as symptoms of illness. Voices, seeing what no one else can see, and having impossible things happen… Continue reading Insanity and Spirituality

Culture & Lifestyle

The Heroes Journey For You & I: Return to Innocence

St. Govan's Cliff Chapel in Wales Many will know that I love to return to the wilderness, and especially to the wilds of north Wales periodically. What is it that calls out to me? One can only be in awe of the grandeur of the Welsh landscape, the rugged environment, the grey-green of the slate-grass,… Continue reading The Heroes Journey For You & I: Return to Innocence

Culture & Lifestyle

The Naked Form

Beltane is fast approaching – the house martins are back, the bluebells are coming out, the earth underfoot is soft and the air is turning warmer. Many thoughts are turning to the coming summer, the long days, the short nights, the summer clothes, or lack thereof. I’ve heard it said that Beltane arrives when it… Continue reading The Naked Form