Folk Traditions & Recipes

The ‘Corr Bolg’ or Crane Bag

"Magic birds were dancing in the mystic marsh. The grass swayed with them, and the shallow waters, and the earth fluttered under them. The earth was dancing with the cranes, and the low sun, and the wind and sky." - Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Most druids have a Crane Bag. Mine is the place where I… Continue reading The ‘Corr Bolg’ or Crane Bag

Meditation & Journeying

Let’s Share a Cup of Mead: The Basics of Druid Divination

"Good is the wellspring of measured speech. Good is the home of the well of inspiration. Good is the joining of their powers: Strength is made durable. It endures longer than any fortress. It is better than any tradition.It is our guide to wisdom,As we free ourselves from ignorance." - Amergin White Knee in the… Continue reading Let’s Share a Cup of Mead: The Basics of Druid Divination

Spirituality & Animism

Three Forms of Knowledge in Druid Tradition

“Attius Patera, The Elder, The Rhetorician- Patera, renowned speaker, although in years you outpaced the men named earlier, seeing that your prime was in the age next before my own, and that in my youth I saw you in your old age, you shall not lack the tribute of my sad dirge, teacher of might… Continue reading Three Forms of Knowledge in Druid Tradition

Discussion & Politics

Empowerment Through Environmentalism

“Every day the clock resets... Your failures don’t matter. Don’t stress on what was, fight for what could be.” – Sean Higgins In the last few years, I’ve found that my call to serve as a Druid has increasingly brought me into contact with the Green Party. Last autumn I became press officer for my… Continue reading Empowerment Through Environmentalism