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A Revolution of Consciousness

We live in exciting times, dangerous, changing and challenging times but exciting none-the-less. It’s hard to believe that around 70 years ago it was illegal to be a magical practitioner in the UK (30 years ago in Ireland!) and now Druidry, Wicca and all manner of esoteric arts have blossomed in a way that would… Continue reading A Revolution of Consciousness

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Sexuality and Druids

Before I start, let me point out this post is not going to be X-rated. Relationship is at the heart of Druidry. Now, aside from relationship with land, ancestors, spirit and all the other esoteric options out there, this also means we have every encouragement to think about relationships with each other. Generally speaking, paganism… Continue reading Sexuality and Druids

Discussion & Politics

What Does it Mean to be a Druid Today?

What does it mean to be a Druid in this modern day and age? Being a Druid today does not mean trying to live in the same manner as our Celtic ancestors did in this land. We simply couldn’t – with our technology and changed world, our religion or spirituality must change. We can still… Continue reading What Does it Mean to be a Druid Today?