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The Story of Carnaghan Portal Tomb

Carnaghan (Baile Mhic Cearnacháin or ‘The King’s Grave’) portal cairn/tomb, Inch Island, Co. Donegal, Ireland. C320238  (55.060722, -7.499917)

On private farmland, Carnaghan or Baile Mhic Cearnacháin meaning Townland of Carnaghan, is derived from the word “cearnach” meaning “victorious”, which all links these stones and townland to Conall Cearnach, the fabled warrior from the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology.

Conall was known to ride a fearsome dog-headed horse, who dripped blood called Derg Drúchtach, they ran with such force that every leap threw dirt into the air that made it look like ravens were following them…

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